2009 Kiss The Brides Expo in Northwest Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas got it's first taste of Ralph Desuse and the Kiss The Brides team based out of Southern California. This was my second bridal fair this year. I wish I had the time to fit in more, but there's always next year. This was my first time to do a fair in NWA. I think it went extremely well. I had a chance to talk to lots of beautiful brides to be and their entourages. I have to say, the 3.5 hour drive up to Bentonville, might have been rough, but the weather was perfect that weekend, and those roads to Fayetteville this time of the year are beautiful. Here are some photos I want to share from the bridal fair. White curtain bridal fair entrance

This was the new entrance that they set up. The brides and families lined up here before being released to all the vendors.

Eli Murray Photography's Booth

Here was my booth. Not much different from the last bridal fair, except for the terrible carpet. I couldn't have asked for a worse floor pattern than this to clash with my stuff, but hey, "It is what it is." I've got something else big planned for the next Democrat Gazette Bridal Fair in January.

Eli Murray Photobooth

I might need to give you a little background on this one. I was just trying to make friends with some of the other vendors when I stumbled upon one of those old fashioned photo booth's. They made me get in and take these. I even tried to get out after one and they said, "No, it takes more." Thanks Dance Enhance. Honestly though, these are cool. I think every wedding should have one. Who doesn't like photobooth photos?

Complete Music Booth

Okay these guys were my neighbors (Complete Music and Video) based out of Springfield MO. They were positioned right next to me. I had a small issue with furniture placement right at the beginning of the expo...but Kyle, the dude right in the middle, saved the day. I leaned over and asked for help moving my couch and jumped the the aid. This may not seem like much but it was a big help. Thanks guys!

Miles Witt Boyer Booth

This was a super great couple and very talented photographer that I also met. Miles Witt Boyer and his wife Melissa. Hopefully I'll have a chance to work with Miles one day if I'm back in that Fayetteville area.

Cake Dive Before

Here's the "Cake Dive". Basically a select number of brides to be circle around a cake loaded full of prices and what for GO. I think this had some plastic rings buried in it, which represented the prize.

Cake Dive During

Action shot. It was very messy.

Cake Dive After

I grabbed this quick shot before all the girls went to clean up. See the bride on the far left...she was the lucky winner of my free engagement session I was giving away. You'll be seeing that e-session soon. Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to all the vendors for hooking them up. Thanks for all the brides that came out to the Kiss the Brides Expo.