Cityfest Little Rock Arkansas 2009

Last weekend I had a chance to visit Central Arkansas' Cityfest. Luis Palau is the man behind the Cityfest idea. Cityfest is food, music, speakers, and fun centered around Christian outreach. It's a free event open to anyone. I like to think of it as a Christian Woodstock. It's a great way for people who may be uncomfortable with the current church outreach to have a chance to get to know Christ. I first heard about Cityfest from the church I attend, Church at Rock Creek, they've done a great job promoting this event. According to the statistics from Cityfest Twitter account: 55,000 people attended cityfest. 1,400 people responded to Christ. 600 homeless served. 2 tons of food was collected.  I had family portraits the same day as Cityfest, so I didn't have a chance to stay long, but I did get to eat some awesome Chicken Teriyaki and I also got to see some of the Motocross Freestyle action. Those dudes are pretty crazy on a motorcycle. Here are some of my favorite photos! Enjoy! Freestyle Motocross Kiss of Death

Father & Son at Cityfest

Motocross Freestyle Trick

Motocross Hart Attack

Crowd at Cityfest