Help Portrait Part 1-Northwest Arkansas

Okay so I decided not to wait for December 12th to get started with "Help Portrait". I drove to Fayetteville to meet my new friend Geoff Duncan, he's an awesome photographer in the Fayetteville area. He asked me if I would like to help out with some "Help Portraits" up there. I was more than happy to help out, plus I scheduled an engagement session for a couple that lives there, so they didn't have to meet me half way. Geoff and I met up at the Elizabeth Richardson Center. This center does a lot more than I could explain in a blog, but basically it's a center dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. We spent all day shooting portraits for each person in the center. It was so great getting to see how happy everyone was getting their portraits taken. Right now I am gearing up to shoot another set of "Help Portraits" with a team of photographers this weekend, so stay tuned for more photos. Enjoy! Help Portrait Fayetteville

Help Portrait 2009

Help Portraits on white

Help Portrait Arkansas

Help Portrait NWA

Here's a little behind the scenes.

Help Portrait Eli Murray

Help Portrait Geoff Duncan