Rachel + Brent - Hot Springs Wedding Photography {Part 1}

Last weekend my close friends Rachel and Brent were married. I was glad to have my good buddy Mark Gregory second shooting with me for their wedding. The ceremony and reception were in Hot Springs and it was a beautiful day. Rachel and Brent decided to do a "first look" , they wanted to see each other before the ceremony. This was awesome! I love when couples decide that they want to do this. It gives them an opportunity to see each other all decked out and enjoy the moment without feeling rushed. It also gives me and opportunity to get some really great portraits without slowing down the rest of the day. I like to let the day unfold and capture it as it happens, but I also love taking the time to get some really great modern/classic portraits of the newlyweds. A first look always helps with this. It's not for every couple out there, but if your curious just ask Brent and Rachel what they thought? I broke up their blog into two parts, here are a few of my favorite photos of the first part of their day! Enjoy!Brent and Rachel Wedding Day Eli Murray Wedding Photography Modern Wedding Photography Bridesmaids Groomsman Hot Springs wedding photographers Church Ceremony Ceremony Wedding Photos