Adobe Lightroom

Tuesdays with Eli - Adobe Lightroom Tip #1

Hey everyone, today is Tuesday, that means you'll be hearing from me again. Since I've been doing so much personal blogging lately, I decided to share with all you interested photographers and photo enthusiast a couple tips I've learned for my post processing. First of all I want to say I'm no expert, there are plenty of great ways to post process your photos, the key is to just find a great system that works best for you. I'm just sharing with you my current system that's working for me. The first part of my workflow after capturing the photos onto my hard drive, is using a program called Photo Mechanic. It cost $150 bucks, but makes selecting, re-ordering, marking, and re-naming the original files much faster that trying to do it in Lightroom. I save tons of time doing it this way first. I shoot a lot of pictures, so that means I get rid of a lot too. I like to shoot a lot because sometimes I'm just looking for the difference between a half smile and a real smile. I try to catch that fraction of a moment that's just right, so I shoot a lot and I'm liberal with trashing the ones that don't make it.