Anthony Chapel

Lindsay + Brian - Hot Springs Arkansas Wedding Part 1

Lindsay and Brian decided to get married in the wonderful Anthony Chapel tucked away in the Hot Springs Garvan Gardens. I was very thankful to be a part of their big day. The wedding was beautiful. The best part of the ceremony was right before the paster was giving permission for Brian to kiss his bride, Lindsay was so excited/anxious she was literally jumping at the chance to kiss her new husband. Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding day. This is part one, stay tuned for part two - the reception - soon! Enjoy and after you look through these photos go jump up and kiss your significant other! Happy Monday!

Jordan + Danielle Anthony Chapel Ceremony - Hot Springs Photographer

Jordan & Danielle are two of my favorite people. Super fun, relaxed, easy going, and have mad love for each other. From the first time that we sat down to meet, I knew we'd be a great match. They told me how much the loved my work and then said "Just do your thing on our wedding day and we'll be happy". I was super excited about shooting at the Anthony Chapel at Garven Gardens in Hot Springs. This really is a beautiful location and the light couldn't have been better. I had just got back from Vegas and was still recovering from WPPI, so I was very happy to have my good buddy Jason Crader backing me up as a second shooter. Here are a few of my favorites from the wedding ceremony. I'll have more from the reception tomorrow. Enjoy!