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Tuesdays with Eli - EM Photography Welcomes the iPad

Saturday Leslie and I went into Best Buy to check out the new iPads. I had ideas before looking at them of what I could use them for in the business, but I didn't intend on buying one yet. I just wanted to look. When we got there, I was sold. These things are really nice. When I picked it up all of a sudden I had tons of ideas on how I could use this for my business. I'm not going to tell everyone reading this to go out and buy an iPad, they are definitely not for everyone. If you already have an iPhone and laptop, then it's probably not necessary, but if you don't yet have a laptop, this could just omit that need. I have owned a lot of technology in young life, but I have never owned a single iPod. I skipped right over them, strait to the iPhone. So after giving my tax guy a quick call, I bought the 16GB Wifi only iPad. If you want to check one out (and your a recently engaged), give me a call, I'll bring it right over. Haha, just kidding I'll let my single friends play with it too. Seriously though, if we do have meeting scheduled, I'll be bringing my new iPad with me. :)