Family Portraits

Beach Family Photos / Laguna Beach


This absolutely adorable family contacting me while they were on their family vacation. They were visiting California for a few days and going to the world famous Disneyland Resort. They told me that it had been far too long since the last set of great family photos was taken and they were long overdo with a growing family of six. We had a blast and I really enjoyed photographing the kiddos! We actually did a sunrise shoot for this session and I love the soft pastel colors of the morning light. Leave them some love in the comments! Enjoy!




Trent Family Photos - Arkansas Portrait Photography

I first met Nicole about a year ago. That was before she and Keith had purchased their first home and also before they had their first child, baby Layton. Now they're a beautiful family and I was honored that she asked me to photograph them at this special time in their lives. My goal was to capture them as they are right now. Photograph the details that make their family special. I had such a great time, and I have to admit I'm a little jealous of their back yard on the lake. Dozer was that mean looking pit bull that was the sweetest dog I've ever met. Here's the Trent Family, enjoy!

The Hunt Family Portraits

I try to stay away from over-using photographer "hot spots" like the Old Mill in North Little Rock. I think just about every portrait photographer in Arkansas has taken pictures at the Old Mill. The problem is that it's just way too beautiful of a location not to shoot there. There are so many flowers and greenery, set in wonderful textured rocks. When we took these, it had just rained and it was still pretty overcast. The temperature was perfect, very unlike what an Arkansas summer should be.