My Mother's Day

Life can be very busy at times, for me it feels like it is always busy. I spend a lot of time with other families; taking pictures of their lives most important events, that I sometimes forget to spend the needed attention with my own family and loved ones. Today is the national day dedicated to mothers all over the US. I just wanted to wish all mothers a wonderful day, and to take a little time to tell my mom how much I appreciate her. I believe that I have the best mother out there. Somehow, of all the possible mom's that I could have been paired with I got the best. My mom has been like a rock to me, she has always been there. She has shown me how to live, taught me how to treat others, and by her example I see how to love others. Before I was even a thought, my mom was doing her thing as an artist. As a young boy I have always remembered my mom painting, sketching, or arranging different things. I guess she passed some of that creativity down to me, for that I am very grateful. My mom has shown me how to be, and then left it up to me to do it. Thanks Mom, I love you.