Matthew Huff Music

Matthew Huff Music- Arkansas Music Photographer

I first heard Matthew at a wedding I was shooting back in September, he was the live music at the reception. Since then, we made friends and Matthew has played some great tunes at a few more weddings. Matthew loves doing weddings and events, but he's working really hard on his own music right now. Just finished recording his new county album and has been busy playing gigs all over the south. I asked him if he needed some photos, as it turned out he did, so here we are. These were my first ever music portraits, so I'm glad that didn't scare Matthew away, haha. We talked a little about the album and came up with this setting for the shoot. He wanted something that represented his album, that makes since right?Here are a few of my favorites and one at the end to show you my lighting set up, just in case anyone's interested. Oh yeah, you can also download Matt's music from iTunes here.