Motorcycle Rides

Tuesdays with Eli - Two Wheel Road Trips

Last weekend I took a short motorcycle trip with my brother in law, Nick. This was the first Saturday that I have had free in a while, and with the busy wedding season coming up, I'm gonna take these opportunities as they come. Riding a motorcycle through the winding Arkansas roads on a sunny spring day is one of those experiences that cannot be duplicated. I love smelling the country air, and feeling the warm sun and wind, plus exploring the back roads of Arkansas gives me an opportunity to find more possible portrait locations. Win. Win. I met Nick at the public parking lot at beginning of Cantrell road downtown. This is where are journey began. I think we road for about 8 hours total. Highway 10, then highway 9 and 7 to Hotsprings, where we had lunch. I had the "Eli's Cheddar Cheesebuger". The burger was named after the owner's son, Eli. I thought that was pretty cool, but the burger was not that great. Haha. After Hot Springs we took highway 5 back to Little Rock. Anyway, we had a lot of fun, I hope you guys enjoy the photos!