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Michael + Kristie - Arkansas Wedding Photography

My good friend and really great fellow wedding photographer, Michael Juiliano got married last weekend! I was super excited to be a part of his wedding and completely honored that he asked me to be his photographer. I know how first hand how important selecting a wedding photographer is. Michael and I first met at a photographer's get-together hosted by one of California's top wedding photographers, [b]ecker. Michael and I really didn't get to talk much the first time we met, but we exchanged cards and since then Michael has been coming to my monthly photographer's lunch meet-ups here in Little Rock and we have become good friends. Some of you may also recognize Michael from around town because he is also the only hot dog cart vendor that I know of in Little Rock. He goes by the alias Hot Dog Mike!Michael and Kristie are perfect together. The wedding was a beautiful small ceremony at their country home with family and close friends as guest followed by some food and music. Catering curtisy of Hot Dog Mike's cart, and a cake from the Capital Hotel where Kristie & Michael first met. My favorite moment was their first dance on the grass, under the trees. It was such a unique wedding, I was so happy to be a part of it. Congrats you guys! Enjoy!