My Proposal Story....(the way I remember it)

This blog is just a bit overdue. I proposed to Leslie Harding, my girlfriend of three years on December 16, 2009. Here is our story. I guess before I take you right to the proposal night, I'll give you a little history of about us. December 16th 2006, I was hired to shoot Brad & Rachel Bate's wedding. I had zero connections with Rachel before I met her, after that night, things changed. Rachel and Brad are both from Arkansas, however not all of their wedding party was. They both attended Harding University in Searcy where Rachel met and became suite-mates with Leslie. Leslie was born in Texas, raised in Nashville Tennessee and only choose Harding because of the name. Just kidding. I think she decided to go to Harding because it's a great school, either way...I'm sure glad that she did, because if she had gone anywhere else we may have never met each other. Leslie and Rachel were suite-mates for one year, and I guess they hit it off pretty good because when Rachel decided to get married in December, she asked Leslie if she would be a brides maid in her wedding. The story gets better I promise, and like I said I'm sure glad certain things happened the way they did.

So, December 16, 2006 my best friend and I were gearing up for what I thought was just another wedding. The day started off fairly normal, bridal prep, ceremony, formal pictures, and then the reception... this is when the night got a little different for me. Now when Leslie tells you the story, it started with the rehearsal. She spotted me the day before and in her words "had her eye on me". Not to say that I didn't even see her, but I wasn't exactly there to pick up chicks. Haha. Those who know my fiance' know she is a go-getter, and once again. I'm sure glad she is, because if she didn't take the initiative that night to let me know she was interested, then I may have not written this blog post. Long story short, as the reception went on, Leslie and I talked in between shots. I gave her my number and it went from there. We dated long distance for two and a half years. While she lived in Nashville, then Memphis, and now here in Little Rock.