Veteran's Day 2009 Little Rock, Arkansas

Today was Veteran's Day, a day set aside for us to remember and honor our veterans. A lot has changed in 233 years of our great nations life, but one thing is still the same. We still have many, many, freedoms that we should be thankful for. I had an opportunity to spend the day with the VFW Post 9095 here in Little Rock. I spent most of my time talking with Sergeant Major Clifford Burks of the U.S. Marine Corp. He spent 32 years serving our great nation and fought in three of America's bloodiest wars. The Sgt. Major's uniform was completely covered in metals and patches, two purple hearts and the highest ranking one can receive in the Marines. I was most impressed though, with the Sgt. Major's memory. I can't remember most of my early highschool, but Burks was recalling dates and names from his past like it was the alphabet. We sat and talked inside the post as we looked at the wall of photos in front of us. Hundreds of heros decorated from past duties.