Our Wedding Video!! - St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

When Leslie and I came back from our wedding in the Virgin Islands we were so crazy anxious to see our photos and video; we knew that our guys Collin Hughes, Matt Brue, and Spencer Combs had a real challenge on their hands with the weather. What should have been a super easy, beautiful beach wedding... turned out to be a monsoon on an island, haha. But we still couldn't wait to see em' and expected very rainy wedding video/photos. Of course would have loved it all the same, because it was our wedding, no matter how much rain there was it was beautiful to us..... However, when Matt sent us the trailer to our video, Leslie and I were completely blown away!!! I dimmed the lights, cranked up the volume on my computer, and Leslie sat in my lap. We waited for the video to fully download and then pressed play. From the very first frame, our jaws were on the floor. We must have watched it like 50 times that night!!! I can honestly say that I am still in shock, can't believe that it turned out to be that cool. I really can't explain how Matt made this happen, all I know is if you need a wedding video, he's your man!

Tuesdays with Eli - I Still Love Video

This "Tuesdays with Eli" is a little different from the blogs in the past. I wanted to give you guys just a little taste of where I have came from. I started in the wedding industry shooting wedding videos. This was a few years ago, technology has changed rapidly since. I have a confession to make, even though I am a full time wedding photographer, I still have a love for video. Can't a guy have two loves? Haha. I do believe that there is something timeless about photographs. Something that a video can't emulate, this is why I am a photographer. I just wanted to share this little "date story" with you guys. Not sure if I will do any more of these, I guess that depends if anyone is interested or not. : ) I actually shot this about 6 months ago, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it at the time, I knew I just wanted to shoot it. It went down just like my engagements sessions. Spent a couple hours together hanging out, and taking photos. The couple in this video are actually my sister and brother in law. They tied the knot in November of 2005.