Vintage Portraits

Krystina + Cullen - Vintage Southern Engagement Portraits

I'm super excited to share these Southern Arkansas swampland engagement portraits. This was probably the most unique engagement session I have shot. Cullen and Krystina were completely natural in this environment though. I think they may have been born in the wrong era, hahaha. It also could have something to do with all the practice taking photos they've had. You see Krystina just happens to be an awesome photographer in Benton and I'm sure Cullen has had his picture taken a few times. I had a blast shooting them both! We were probably inches away from Arkansas Alligators making a snack out of us, and we were definitely lunch for those giant mosquitoes but we got some great photos right? I decided to break their e-session up into two parts. Check back later this week for more photos with and outfit change and new location! Krystina & Cullen I can't wait for your wedding, Enjoy!

Scott + Karlyn - Searcy Portrait Photographer

Last Thursday I had an opportunity to spend a few hours with Scott and Karlyn. Scott is finishing up school here in Searcy at Harding University. He's darn close to being finished and he and Karlyn are both Arizona bound. I too share their love for the West, but I'm quite happy with my home in Arkansas for now. Karlyn is an artist, check out her blog here. Karlyn and Scott actually got married in Arizona back in 08', but they wanted some photos to remember there time spent together here at school. We spent a couple hours walking around their old stomping grounds taking photos for memories sake. I'm so glad Karlyn contacted me, because I had a blast on this shoot, and we made great photos and I have some new friends! Also, this is the first blog post that I've done with a title. Leave me some love and let me know what you guys think about that. Enjoy!