Virgin Island Wedding

Tuesdays with Eli - Wedding Details For My Big Day!

Les + Eli - St. Thomas Virgin Islands October 5th 2010! Okay, so I guessing some of you who read my blog is a just a little bit curious about my personal wedding plans ever since I proposed to Leslie in December. I know we've definitely had our fair share of questions about when, where, and who is gonna be the photographer. Leslie and I have given a lot of thought into our wedding. I'm sure I've probably been a little more vocal with some of the planning than other grooms, but I have seen my far share of weddings, haha. Leslie and I are so excited to be getting married! She has had her heart set on a destination wedding from day one, and that was just fine with me! I really love the idea of doing a wedding/honeymoon all in one. The only downside is not being able to share the day with much of our friends and family. We gave some serious thought about it, and have decided to have a very small, immediate family only ceremony in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. We want to keep the wedding very simple and come back after our honeymoon and throw a big party for friends and extended family. Oh and of course we're gonna bring some photos back to share. We're not sure on the details for the reception yet, stay tuned...but here is some info on our wedding in St. Thomas! The ceremony will be Tuesday October 5th at Sugar Bay Wyndham!