Tuesdays with Eli - Fun in the Snow!

Yesterday I blogged about the engagement portraits I took of Danielle & Jordan on Saturday. I told you guys that if they didn't want to get out because of the weather, I was gonna be stupid and get out anyways just to shoot some portraits of Leslie & I in the snow. But because Danielle & Jordan were such awesome sports, they wanted to shoot their engagements, plus shoot some of Leslie and I too. I have to say, I really liked the idea because shooting my own portraits with a tripod and remote is not the easiest thing to do. I was a little reluctant at first though, I didn't want to make my clients work for me, haha, but Leslie didn't mind. She always wants great shots of the two of us. She thinks that we don't have enough photos together because I'm always behind the camera.  So, after I did some photos of Danielle and Jordan, I showed them some of the basics on working my camera and they were ready to go! After I looked at a few of their photos, I was shocked. I better watch out, because Danielle & Jordan may be the next dream team photographers to take my job. Leslie was ecstatic, she couldn't stop talking about how great the photos were. It was a lot of fun shooting in the snowy environment, but it sure was different letting my clients photograph me.So there you go, my second "Tuesday's with Eli" post and I'm already getting my clients to shoot for me, haha. Stick around, who knows what what craziness I'll have next week.

These first few I shot of Leslie before we met up with Danielle & Jordan.

Arkansas Portrait Photographer

Arkansas snow portraits

Eli Murray

Couple Portraits

Snow Portraits

Happy couple

elimurray photography

Seriously aren't these great. Leave Danielle & Jordan some love and let them know what you think of their skills.