Tuesdays with Eli - I'm Married!!

Well, I'm a married man now! Leslie and I got back from our honeymoon early Sunday morning about 2am. I'm sure most of you guys saw my Facebook post about the weather in St. Thomas. We planned for a beautiful, sunny, warm Island wedding and honeymoon, but apparently the weather had other plans. The locals on the island said that they have not received that much rain in 30 years. We were in the middle of some kind of record or something.  I'm telling you all of this not because I want everyone to feel sorry for us, haha. We did have 1 and a half days of sun, haha!Leslie and I made the best of it. We rolled with the punches and got a little wet. To me, one of the most exciting things about photographing weddings is the unpredictability. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but one thing is for sure, no matter how much you plan... things happen. It's really just a great reminder that the wedding is not just about the plans and preparations. Weddings should be about the people and love. The time that you and your new bride or groom spend together and the experiences that you share. I can tell you for sure that our wedding was definitely an experience, haha, but it was beautiful and I wouldn't change a thing. Leslie and I so thankful to our families who could make it to the wedding and all of their help with everything. We are also super thankful for our photographers who had a bit of a challenge with all the rain. They stayed positive the whole time and worked hard to give us exactly what we were looking for. We cannot wait to see the images! Until then, here are a few from my camera. I didn't do a whole lot of shooting because I had people doing it for me, haha, but here's a couple of my favorites! Also sorry for the cheesy/depressing videos, I only made them because I thought you guys would get a kick out of them, haha. Enjoy!

Our Honeymoon! from Eli Murray on Vimeo.