Tuesdays with Eli - Mexican Fútbol & Hermit Crabs

I still have so many photos from my trip to Mexico that I want to share. I've decided that I'll spread them out over the course of a few "Tuesdays with Eli's". I spent a week in Mexico with my best friend, Jordan. It was my last trip as a single man. I've been on many a vacations with Jordan and his family in the past, we've been best friends for the last 12 years. Jordan has this neat web design company out of Fayetteville called Shift Creative, you should check it out. Jordan built my website and blog from the ground up. He's your man if you have any web needs.So here's a few more photos from Mexico. These kids were pretty awesome. Jordan is on the right rockin' the peace sign. They didn't speak a whole lot of English, but we learned really quickly that both hunting hermit crabs and playing soccer (fútbol), are universal languages. Enjoy!!