Tuesdays with Eli - My Goals for 2010

It's a new year and I have some big things planned. First, I want to start blogging more. I hope you will all stick around and enjoy the ride with me. I've decided to start a "Tuesdays with Eli" blog. My plan is to release a new blog every Tuesday, that lets you get to know me a little better. Some with pretty pictures, some with just boring ol' words. Most of the time I will probably talk about what I did that week, new movies I see, family stuff, planning for my wedding with Les, or whatever is on my heart. I want to encourage my readers to give me some feedback if you feel like it. I really enjoy when you guys leave me some love, offer suggestions, or ask any questions. : ) Okay so for the first "Tuesdays with Eli" blog post, you get a treat. I am laying out my goals for the new year. This list is actually not complete, but this is a good start.

1. Attend a Jose Vila Workshop 2. Book at least 25 weddings 3. Second shoot for at least 7 weddings 4. Teach Leslie to drive a standard transmission 5. Upgrade my camera body 6. Develop my wedding turn-around time to under two weeks 7. Do a bridal portrait session during busy Rivermarket (any takers?) 8. Make revisions to website and logo (small re-branding) 9. Teach Leslie how to shoot a DSLR like a Pro 10. Set up 2 small workshops for non-photographers (maybe next year I'll be teaching other photogs) 11. Book wedding location (my wedding) 12. Book photographer (my wedding) 13. Book honeymoon (my wedding) 14. Blog at least once a week (Tuesdays with Eli) 15. Book keeping every month. 16. Make trip to see my brother Geoff in Arizona 17. Make a trip to Colorado just to visit and take photos 18. Try a new food I've never had 19. Help someone who is just getting started in photography 20. Volunteer at the Pulaski County Human Society 21. Take photos of the adoptible animals 22. Shoot a portrait session with my grandma 23. Find a bigger place to live 24. Give away all my old clothes 25. Get some new clothes 26. Call my parents once a week and tell them I love them 27. Sell some of my old gear (let me know if you are interested) 28. Book 6 senior sessions 29. Take photos of my products for the website 30. Audiobook- "Never Eat Alone" (Thanks Geodun) 31. Take weekend get-away trip with Leslie 32. Orginize monthly lunch meet-up for photographers 33. Attend an Autocross event 34. Buy food dehydrator 35. Develop my own brand of Beef Jerky 36. Audio book - "Fast Track Photographer" 37. Find a new location to shoot portraits every month 38. Photograph a total stranger (with permission) 39. Buy a new office chair 40. Attend a John Mayer concert

So there you go. Like I said it's not complete, there are still a million other things I would like to do this year, but its a start. Also sorry about the strange order. I was brain storming, and it was just flowing that way. One more treat for you guys. I just shot some really great bridal portraits on Monday at Marlsgate Plantation, blog coming soon, but I wanted to share with you the sunset that evening. So Bang! First Tuesday with Eli and you get a pretty picture too. Haha

2010 Winter Sunset Photography