Tuesdays with Eli - Rehearsal Dinners

The rain last weekend keep me from going to the Buffalo River and camping with my family, so I had to come up with something else to blog for this Tuesdays with Eli. I'm hoping that I will have another free weekend at some point before it gets too unbearably hot to go camping, and I can share some photos with you guys. So yesterday I blogged my good friends Brent and Rachel's wedding day. I was looking through all the photos that I also took on the rehearsal night and I thought, hey I can blog this right? Haha. I'm not sure how many other wedding photographers attend the rehearsal of the wedding ceremony. I assume, once you've done it enough it's unnecessary. But I am still pretty new, plus I enjoy going to meet the rest of the family before the wedding day. As long as I don't have anything holding me back from going, I sit in during the rehearsal of the wedding. I love weddings because of the environment. I love how happy everyone is. From my experience, the rehearsals are just as good. I can also scope out the venue for some cool locations to shoot. Plus, the best part, most of the time I get invited to the rehearsal dinner. I'm not gonna lie, I like to eat! And once again this gives me an opportunity to get to know everyone a little better and everyone can get to know me. What better place to open up to people that around a dinner table breaking bread? Most importantly, I want the bride to be comfortable with me on her big day, but it's always nice if everyone else knows me too. Anyway, here are just a few photos from Brent and Rachel's rehearsal dinner. I had a blast, even better, Leslie was able to join me for this one!Formal Dinner Plate The Porterhouse Hot Springs Brent, me, Leslie, and Rachel. Eli Murray Hot Formal Dinner Brent and Rachel had this super great candy jar set up! They had some of their engagement photos framed on display and various candies for everyone to enjoy. Of course I just got my new iPad and I'm eager for new ways to use it. I just so happened to have Brent and Rachel's engagement photos on it, so I put it on slideshow and let it roll. Of course everyone loved it. Maybe you'll want one for your wedding? iPad Eli Murray Photography Hot Springs Night