Tuesdays with Eli - Wedding Details For My Big Day!

St. Thomas US Virgin Islands Les + Eli - St. Thomas Virgin Islands October 5th 2010!

Okay, so I'm guessing some of you who read my blog are just a little bit curious about my personal wedding plans ever since I proposed to Leslie in December. I know we've definitely had our fair share of questions about when, where, and who is gonna be our photographer. Leslie and I have given a lot of thought into our wedding. I'm sure I've probably been a little more vocal with some of the planning than other grooms, but I have seen my fair share of weddings, haha. Leslie and I are so excited to be getting married! She has had her heart set on a destination wedding from day one, and that was just fine with me! I really love the idea of doing a wedding/honeymoon all in one. The only downside is not being able to share the day with much of our friends and family. We gave some serious thought about it, and have decided to have a very small, immediate family only ceremony in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. We want to keep the wedding very simple and come back after our honeymoon and throw a big party for friends and extended family. Oh and of course we're gonna bring some photos back to share. We're not sure on the details for the reception yet, stay tuned...but here is some info on our wedding in St. Thomas! The ceremony will be Tuesday October 5th at Sugar Bay Wyndham! Sugar Bay Wyndham St. Thomas Here is where we will be staying. It's got some character huh? It's called Bluebeards Castle. The original section was first built in the 1600's. Sweeeeeet! Bluebeards Castle St. Thomas I sure do hope that we can find some beaches just like this one!!! St. Thomas Beach Okay and now to introduce our team of photographers. Haha, I say team because we may have went a little overkill on the amount of coverage for such a small wedding, but you know me. I love wedding photos! All I needed was an okay from Leslie. Leslie and I looked at a lot of really great photographers. There are so many talented photographers out there, the decision was a challenge. My grandmother did suggest that I just take my own wedding photos, haha. Leslie and I are so excited to have booked Collin Hughes and Spencer Combs as our wedding photographers! Not only are these guys incredibly talented photographers, they are also two of the coolest dudes ever. Super nice guys and way fun! After my first phone conversation with Spencer and our video chat with Collin, we knew we had selected the perfect photographers for us! The complete icing on the cake to this whole package though, is that we are also getting one of the most talented wedding filmmaker's we've ever seen. Matt Brue with Capture Studios!! Before we booked him, Leslie and I would sit together and watch his past videos with tears(Leslie) for couple's we didn't even know. There is no doubt that Matt has some serious talent. So there you go! Please check these guys out. They are all based out of Minnesota. Top Minnesota Wedding Photographers Leslie and I are so excited to get married! Our initial date discussed was Jan 2011, we just couldn't wait that long! So now the madness begins! Stay tuned for more updates! P.S. I want to apologize to whomever I stole the St. Thomas photos from. I just did a google image search for St. Thomas Virgin Islands. I'll have some of my own to show soon enough.