Wiggins Family Portraits in Memphis, TN

I had such a great time photographing the Wiggins Family last weekend. They're super nice people, and little Jackson was way too cute. He was just a ball of energy. Every time I lifted my camera up he would smile and excitedly yell "cheese". We took all of the formal family photos first. The entire extended family's group photo, then I spend some time just watching April, her husband, and her son interact. This is my favorite way to take family photos. I like to step back and just watch the family. I am looking for natural laughs, smiles, and the unexpected. I want to capture the small details. I want to photograph families as they are. This photo session was in Memphis, but I would love to meet any new families in the Little Rock area that are looking for family photos. Give me a call if I can help your family. There is still some time this Fall before it starts getting too cold. Happy Family Piggy Back

Child Portrait with Ice Cream Face

Family Portraits Memphis

Happy Boy Ice Cream Face

Family Portraits Parents with Son

Family Holding Hands