Beach Family Photos / Laguna Beach


This absolutely adorable family contacting me while they were on their family vacation. They were visiting California for a few days and going to the world famous Disneyland Resort. They told me that it had been far too long since the last set of great family photos was taken and they were long overdo with a growing family of six. We had a blast and I really enjoyed photographing the kiddos! We actually did a sunrise shoot for this session and I love the soft pastel colors of the morning light. Leave them some love in the comments! Enjoy!




Nisha + Bhavin - Little Rock Engagement Portraits

Leslie and I had such a great time photographing Nisha and Bhavin at the Arkansas State Capital. These two were in top dress and looked like they were made for each other. I thought the gold doors at the capital would be a perfect backdrop for their outfits and jewelry. Here's a couple of my favorite images, I hope you guys enjoy!Patel Engagement Photos Arkansas AR State Capital Engagements Formal Engagement Photos Little Rock Nisha Patel Engagement Photos Arkansas Eli Murray Weddings Arkansas Engagements Holding hands with gold jewelry Arkansas State Capital Engagement Portraits Arkansas Sunset Silhouette Photo

Rachelle + Steven - Laguna Beach Engagement Photos

Sometimes when Leslie and I are shooting photos for people, either engagement portraits, wedding photos, or family sessions, I sometimes take for granted how special it is for our clients. I get lost in the moments of making beautiful photos, composition, color, light, and posing. I'm having such a great time attempting to create little peices of art that I sometimes forget that what we are actually doing is documenting. We're using tools to capture their story, to freeze a peice in time. It's just a section of their lives, but most of the time it's a very important one. The photos will be admired for generations, passed down to children and grandchildren, shared with friends and family and used to remember a time in the past. Leslie and I absolutely love what we do. I feel blessed everyday that we are in the industry of love. One of the things I like most about photography is the technical side, all the fun gear and equipment. I also love the creative freedom that comes from a subjective art form, but with all of this, I think it's most important that we keep in mind who we're taking the photos for. I could have the most creative and technical photo ever, but if it's not true to the subjects, and has no emotion or isn't telling their story, then I have not done my job as a documentry wedding photographer.Below are a couple of our favorites from Rachelle and Steven's engagement photos we took this Sunday. They are truly a beautiful couple both inside and out and I hope that these photos will show you that. We had a great time shooting around the Canyons of Laguna Beach and the Pacific Coast in Southern California. We are very much looking forward to their wedding in May and can't wait to share it with you guys! - Eli 2013FEB17_007.jpg 2013FEB17_031.jpg 2013FEB17_027.jpg 2013FEB17_009.jpg 2013FEB17_034.jpg 2013FEB17_042.jpg 2013FEB17_081.jpg 2013FEB17_113.jpg 2013FEB17_125.jpg 2013FEB17_145.jpg 2013FEB17_139.jpg 2013FEB17_148.jpg 2013FEB17_171.jpg 2013FEB17_174.jpg 2013FEB17_182.jpg 2013FEB17_192.jpg 2013FEB17_186.jpg 2013FEB17_202.jpg 2013FEB17_196.jpg 2013FEB17_216.jpg 2013FEB17_223.jpg 2013FEB17_238.jpg 2013FEB17_247.jpg 2013FEB17_260.jpg 2013FEB17_264.jpg 2013FEB17_257.jpg 2013FEB17_255.jpg 2013FEB17_234.jpg 2013FEB17_237.jpg 2013FEB17_225.jpg

If you'd like to see more photos of Rachelle and Steven and order any prints from their session click here.