Grandma Cain - Snowball Fight!

I'm sure you're all wondering when I'm gonna start blogging some actual clients again and stop blogging my family all the time, haha. Well, I've got some engagements coming real soon that you'll probably want to check out... I know that when Arkansas gets snow like this, it always makes me feel like a kid again, and I guess it does the same thing for my grandma. I've been wanting to blog this for a while now, like when we still had some snow on the ground, but maybe this will bring some good memories back for you guys and you'll all be wishing we had snow again, haha. Maybe next year right?  So here is my grandma enjoying the winter weather! Leave her some love, she'll like that! Also, I'm checking off #22 of my goals this year. : ) Grandma Cain

Grandma Portraits Snow

Grandma Snowball Fight