Kele & Jonathan E-Session at War Memorial

Kele found me at the Kiss the Brides Expo at the Verizon Arena. After Kele and Jonathan Luigs get married, they are moving to Cincinnati where Jonathan is going to play pro football for the Cincinnati Bengals.  You may have heard Jonathan's name before, he played for the Arkansas Razorbacks and won a few awards. I wish I was a little more football savy I could probably tell you more, I'm just happy to take some pictures of a football celebrity.  Unfortunately I don't know much about the sport, but I do know that it is pretty cool that he is going to play pro. They were a great couple and have great chemisty. It was beautiful weather when we shot these photos. We met up at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. I also had some great help help from my good friend Mark with Roxy Creative. You can see more of their photos there.  I am very excited to photograph their wedding in February.  Congratulations you guys, thanks for falling in love and giving me a call. War Memorial Engagement Photos

Razorback Piggyback

Jonathan Luigs Engagment Photo

War Memorial Stadium Little Rock

Kissing with dog watching

Jonathan Luigs Future Wife