Arkansas Bridal Photos

Julie's Bridal Portraits

Today Matt and Julie are getting married, so I can now finally show some of her beautiful bridal portraits that we took back in October at the The Villa Marre, which if you don't know the history of this amazing wedding venue in Little Rock, you should check it out. The Villa Marre was actually photographed for the opening credits of the TV series Designing Women. Julie has such a warm personality, her contagious smile will brighten your day. I don't think she stopped smiling the whole time. Matt is a super great guy and a perfect fit for her. We'll share more from their wedding day soon. Hope you enjoy a few of my favorites photos from her bridal session.-Eli 2012OCT05_022.jpg 2012OCT05_031.jpg 2012OCT05_012.jpg 2012OCT05_063.jpg 2012OCT05_039.jpg 2012OCT05_076.jpg 2012OCT05_054.jpg