Arkansas Photography

Corey + Kristi - Southern Engagement Portraits

I'm super excited about Corey and Kristi's big day this weekend. This will be the last wedding that I photograph before leaving for my own wedding! Kristi first found me at the bridal fair about a year ago. She wanted to schedule a meeting to talk with me that same day. I have to say, if Kristi was sold on me, it had to be due to the fact that I had Leslie with me helping at the bridal fair, haha. We were sold on her too. I had a really great time with Corey and Kristi, they are both the most laid back, fun couple. Kristi bubbles with excitement to get married. I can wait to shoot their wedding this weekend! Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement shoot, enjoy!

Tuesdays with Eli - Two Wheel Road Trips

Last weekend I took a short motorcycle trip with my brother in law, Nick. This was the first Saturday that I have had free in a while, and with the busy wedding season coming up, I'm gonna take these opportunities as they come. Riding a motorcycle through the winding Arkansas roads on a sunny spring day is one of those experiences that cannot be duplicated. I love smelling the country air, and feeling the warm sun and wind, plus exploring the back roads of Arkansas gives me an opportunity to find more possible portrait locations. Win. Win. I met Nick at the public parking lot at beginning of Cantrell road downtown. This is where are journey began. I think we road for about 8 hours total. Highway 10, then highway 9 and 7 to Hotsprings, where we had lunch. I had the "Eli's Cheddar Cheesebuger". The burger was named after the owner's son, Eli. I thought that was pretty cool, but the burger was not that great. Haha. After Hot Springs we took highway 5 back to Little Rock. Anyway, we had a lot of fun, I hope you guys enjoy the photos!

Engagement Portraits in the Snow - Arkansas Photographer

I really do have some of the greatest clients. I'm always telling myself how thankful I am that I've been blessed with awesome clients that love my style of photography and match my easy going personality. Last Saturday I was scheduled to shoot Danielle & Jordan's engagement photos, little did we know at the time of planning, that Arkansas weather would have other plans in mind. The snow, sleet, and icy roads didn't stop us though. Jordan & Danielle may have needed just a little bit of convincing and I did have to pick them up because they couldn't get out of there driveway. But I know that once we made it out, they were very happy that we stayed with our decision to shoot on Saturday. The snowy white scenery made for a super unique setting. It was very cold, don't get me wrong, but we may not get another snow day like this here and I knew I couldn't pass up this opportunity. My back-up plan if Danielle and Jordan wanted to re-schedule, was to brave the weather anyways and shoot some portraits of Leslie & I, but when I was telling Danielle this, she reminded me that she was no stranger to cameras. You see Danielle & Jordan both have backgrounds in production and photography,