Arkansas Portrait Photography

Taylor + Melanie - Arkansas Engagement Portraits

Taylor and Melanie are a super sweet couple. This Wednesday they made the trip down from Duluth, Minnesota to visit with family and take their engagement photos with me here in Little Rock. We had a blast and I can easily see why these two are perfect for each other. When they first got here, I told them that we may have to jump a few fences to get into some good locations. Melanie seemed a little worried, but I promised not to get us thrown in jail for trespassing so she went along for the ride, haha. Turns out we only had to cross one fence and it was on a public park so it was a good day. However, we were almost attached by a friendly/excited wet dog who had more than likely just taken a swim in the river and was out for a run, haha.Stay tuned for Taylor and Melanie's wedding photos this August! Enjoy!

Trent Family Photos - Arkansas Portrait Photography

I first met Nicole about a year ago. That was before she and Keith had purchased their first home and also before they had their first child, baby Layton. Now they're a beautiful family and I was honored that she asked me to photograph them at this special time in their lives. My goal was to capture them as they are right now. Photograph the details that make their family special. I had such a great time, and I have to admit I'm a little jealous of their back yard on the lake. Dozer was that mean looking pit bull that was the sweetest dog I've ever met. Here's the Trent Family, enjoy!

Eric + Holly - Little Rock Air Force Base Engagement Portraits

Eric and Holly are one great couple. I loved the way they interact. You can see the love and care shared between them. We met up at the Little Rock Air Force Bace, Eric is serving our country in the Air Force and has tons of knowledge of these airplanes set up around the base. He actually is in charge of taking care of the planes that are set up for display. We walked around shooting here and there, while Eric told Holly and I all about the planes and treasures around the base. I had no idea that there was a time capsule set up there from the 60's or something. Pretty cool! Here are a few of my favorites! Enjoy!