Wedding photography websites should be easy to use.

Personally I like the idea of an easy to use website, especially if you're a bride looking for a wedding photographer. However, my good friends over at Shift Creative not only like this idea, they live by it. Shift insisted that if I wanted to make a site that was pleasant and easy to use for brides to be that we should do some remodeling. So just like that, today I'm proud to announce that has a new look. You can follow me on the social sites, check out my latest work, and interact with my blog post. I hope you guys like it. I will be blogging at least once a week. Telling you all about my life, my missions, my photos, and my happy clients. Thanks for stopping by, if I can help you out at all with family portraits or baby photos or if you know some friends that are getting married, send them my way. I'd love to meet them.