Little Rock Wedding Photography

Jenny + Kasey - Albert Pike Hotel Wedding, Little Rock Arkansas

Last month Leslie and I flew back to Arkansas from our new home in Southern California to photograph the wedding of Jenny and Kasey Stephens. The weather was beautiful and their wedding could not have been any sweeter. Their ceremony was at the Albert Pike Hotel in Downtown Little Rock. Their wedding also happened to be the day before St. Patricks Day so I thought it was fitting to set up their first look in a field of clovers. These are just a few of our favorites from their wedding. You can view all the images from their big day, here. Enjoy!2013MAR16_002.jpg 2013MAR16_017.jpg 2013MAR16_066.jpg 2013MAR16_067.jpg 2013MAR16_085.jpg 2013MAR16_115.jpg 2013MAR16_064.jpg 2013MAR16_178.jpg 2013MAR16_201.jpg 2013MAR16_192.jpg 2013MAR16_207.jpg 2013MAR16_298.jpg 2013MAR16_308.jpg 2013MAR16_307.jpg 2013MAR16_265.jpg 2013MAR16_318.jpg 2013MAR16_325.jpg 2013MAR16_445.jpg 2013MAR16_485.jpg 2013MAR16_492.jpg 2013MAR16_495.jpg 2013MAR16_499.jpg 2013MAR16_517.jpg 2013MAR16_498.jpg 2013MAR16_507.jpg 2013MAR16_522.jpg 2013MAR16_526.jpg 2013MAR16_580.jpg 2013MAR16_611.jpg 2013MAR16_582.jpg 2013MAR16_632.jpg 2013MAR16_642.jpg 2013MAR16_687.jpg 2013MAR16_557.jpg 2013MAR16_786.jpg 2013MAR16_792.jpg 2013MAR16_837.jpg 2013MAR16_864.jpg 2013MAR16_870.jpg Photographer: Eli Murray Weddings Design/Floral/Coordinator:  Young Designs Wedding/Reception Venue: Albert Pike Hotel Caterer: Catering Creations DJ: Brian Teague Transportation: Arkansas Destinations Lighting: Radiant Designs

Krystina + Cullen - Marlsgate Plantation Wedding

At the beginning of this month I had the wonderful opportunity to photography Krystina and Cullen's wedding. I feel really honored to have been a part of their big day! Krystina and Cullen are one of those couples that make you smile just watching them together! Congrats you guys! Here are just a few of my favorites from Saturday. Enjoy!