Rehearsal Dinners

Tuesdays with Eli - Rehearsal Dinners

The rain last weekend keep me from going to the Buffalo River and camping with my family, so I had to come up with something else to blog for this Tuesdays with Eli. I'm hoping that I will have another free weekend at some point before it gets too unbearably hot to go camping, and I can share some photos with you guys. So yesterday I blogged my good friends Brent and Rachel's wedding day. I was looking through all the photos that I also took on the rehearsal night and I thought, hey I can blog this right? Haha. I'm not sure how many other wedding photographers attend the rehearsal of the wedding ceremony. I assume, once you've done it enough it's unnecessary. But I am still pretty new, plus I enjoy going to meet the rest of the family before the wedding day. As long as I don't have anything holding me back from going, I sit in during the rehearsal of the wedding. I love weddings because of the environment. I love how happy everyone is. From my experience, the rehearsals are just as good. I can also scope out the venue for some cool locations to shoot. Plus, the best part, most of the time I get invited to the rehearsal dinner. I'm not gonna lie, I like to eat! And once again this gives me an opportunity to get to know everyone a little better and everyone can get to know me. What better place to open up to people that around a dinner table breaking bread? Most importantly, I want the bride to be comfortable with me on her big day, but it's always nice if everyone else knows me too. Anyway, here are just a few photos from Brent and Rachel's rehearsal dinner. I had a blast, even better, Leslie was able to join me for this one!