Our Wedding Video!! - St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

When Leslie and I came back from our wedding in the Virgin Islands we were so crazy anxious to see our photos and video; we knew that our guys Collin Hughes, Matt Brue, and Spencer Combs had a real challenge on their hands with the weather. What should have been a super easy, beautiful beach wedding... turned out to be a monsoon on an island, haha. But we still couldn't wait to see em' and expected very rainy wedding video/photos. Of course would have loved it all the same, because it was our wedding, no matter how much rain there was it was beautiful to us..... However, when Matt sent us the trailer to our video, Leslie and I were completely blown away!!! I dimmed the lights, cranked up the volume on my computer, and Leslie sat in my lap. We waited for the video to fully download and then pressed play. From the very first frame, our jaws were on the floor.  We must have watched it like 50 times that night!!! I can honestly say that I am still in shock, can't believe that he captured our wedding with such detail and made us feel like we were reliving the day. I really can't explain how Matt made this happen, all I know is if you need a wedding video, he's your man!

Eli + Leslie // St. Thomas, VI from capture studios on Vimeo.

After our mind was completely blown by the video, then the photos started rolling in. Leslie and I were THRILLED!! Can't tell you guys how happy we were to have picked photographers that we were comfortable with. My only advice that I have for new brides-to-be out there is to find the photographer that matches you. There are lots of super talented photographers out there. I personally know several, but the best decision that we made for our wedding was picking a photographer(s) that we had fun with. They made us feel at ease and worked their butts off the whole time. I have tons of respect for all of my brides and I promise to give you my all on your wedding day. I want you to feel the same way that Leslie and I did on ours. I vow to do everything I can to make your photos beautiful and unforgettable. We have so many photos that we absolutely love, but here are just a couple for you guys!! Enjoy! Don't I have a beautiful bride?!

St. Thomas Sunset Silhouette Kiss at Sunset Leslie getting ready Eli writing vows Virgin Islands Teal Water Eli in wedding suit Eli Murray Destination Wedding Photos Leslie Murray Wedding sugar bay resort wedding venue Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort Wedding Eli Murray Destination Wedding Eli and Leslie Wedding Day Palm Trees St. Thomas Destination Wedding Eli and Leslie Wedding Photos